The Portal Of Heaven

The Portal Of Heaven can be found within all sentient beings through the high vibrational energetic connection of the higher self, which has created the lower self for the human experience. The ability of the lower self to locate and identify the doorway to heaven is an internal process and will need to be approached from the internal perspective. Within the collective perception of humanity governed through degrees of consensual acceptance, humanity searches for happiness within the external reality of the physical plane. The driving subconscious desire for happiness fuels the lower self into conscious attempts to satisfy the hunger of the internal desire. The current level of collective perception of the value and importance of the non-physical reality is held within confusion, which generates a low value property due to the inaccessibility of non-physical thought reference frames of high intelligence, which reveal the true reality of the individual perception of heaven. The ability of the lower self to locate and identify with non-physical thought reference frames is through its sensory/perception application within the lower self.

The location and identification of a non-physical thought reference frame in regards to the physical application, through the common senses within the physical plane, is through the non-physical capabilities of the sensory/perception of the lower self. The sensory/perception abilities of the lower self for the location and identification of thought reference frames within a non-physical perspective is through its vibrational signature. The vibrational signature of a non-physical thought reference frame generates its existence and mental location within the universal mind. The vibrational signature which involves all processes of creation is the unique frequency vibration which sets all of creation apart from each other.

For a manifestation to form within an observable reality it must be in a state of existence, in which its unique vibrational signature generates its existence through its vibrational/sensory contrast from the rest of its environment. The observable contrast through unique vibrational rates, creates the perception of separation within its environment and its perception of uniqueness.

Without the ability to generate a unique frequency within an energetic formation into creation, the process of creation cannot express the individuality of its creation, through its incapability to generate a unique vibrational signature.

For a potential to manifest within a non-physical reality without the ability to vibrate within a unique signature, would cause the potential formation to negate its ability to manifest within a vibrational spectrum of a creation. The ability of an individual to synchronize in a vibrational rate with an external focus, within close proximity of the external subjects’ constant vibratory rate, involves the process of remote influencing.

The ability of an individual to remote influence another sentient life form, is through its ability to vibrate in sympathetic resonance with the desired subject for remote influencing. The proper effective technique for remote influencing an external sentient subject, rests within the individuals’ ability to communicate within the external subjects' subconscious region of their mental field.

For The Portal Of Heaven to become manifest, within the individual reality the uniqueness of the vibrational frequency of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, holds the key to The Portal Of Heaven. Through the unique vibrational signature of the self-aware consciousness, which manifests its self-aware existence into reality through the creational power of free thought and the free will choice, the lower self holds the ability of freedom of movement to experience a desired creational reality, within a vibrational spectrum of a creation.

The vibrational spectrum within the set designed functions of a thought/energy conscious field, allows the sentient being the ability to experience a vibrational/thought reality, espousing themes and scenarios within the individual reality experience. The themes and scenarios coincide with the vibrational positioning of the individual within the vibrational spectrum of the interacting consciousness field.

For the self-aware consciousness to vibrate its energy body above or below a set designed vibrational spectrum of an interacting consciousness field, would involve its vibrational movement into a thought/energy consciousness field which is within a compatible vibrational spectrum, of the desired intention for a reality experience of the self-aware consciousness.

The vibrational spectrum of the human creation allows the self-aware consciousness to experience reality through the perspective of the human being. Movements within the vibrational spectrum will coincide with the perception abilities of the lower self, which is relative to their individual and consensual reality.

The vibrational allowances within the human spectrum allow the self-aware consciousness, the ability to express its uniqueness through the desire and intention influenced through its unique vibrational signature. The intention of uniqueness is expressed within the conscious reality through the personal perspective and is initiated into creation and continuously supported, through the energetic motion of creational desire within the unique vibrational signature. Within the unique expression positioned within the human spectrum, a vast array of experiences can be explored and continued development.

The degrees of experiences in which the self-aware vibratory consciousness can explore entail through the collective perception of humanity, the perception of heaven and the perception of hell. The perceptions of both conscious experiences manifest into reality through the mental field of a sentient being, entering a compatible vibrational portal in which its personalized belief of heaven and hell can be expressed and experienced.

The portal to perceived hell lies within the perception of the individual, which is modified into a compatible format to support the conscious and subconscious decisions of the self-aware unit to experience such a reality. The conscious decision of directional movement within the physical plane, is influenced by the subconscious activities of the internal mind of an individual and the influence of external thought, upon its conscious and subconscious mental processes.

Within the current collective perception of humanity, through its collective constant vibrational rate of the collective energy body, its collective perception of an existence of a reality apart from the human reality, is held in vagueness through the collectively held energetic distortions. Held energetic distortions, within the collective perception of humanity involve the held energetic distortions within the individual reality, which is registered into the collective subconscious of humanity, which in turn influences the individual reality through the powerful influence of mass thought/focus.

The ability of mass thought/focus to influence individual and collective reality is through the creational power of mass thought focus, which attracts into the physical plane compatible manifestations and are reinforced into the collective belief system, through the concreteness of their observable reality. The recombinational energetic effect of the mass number of individual personalized beliefs towards the idea, concept or form of thought, fuels the thought development of the sentient being through the constant activities of mass thought influence.

The ability of mass thought to influence the individual reality, is dependent upon the vibrational compatibility of the individual perception towards the collective perception, which entails is vibrational position within the vibrational spectrum of humanity. For the individual operating in a vibrational rate above the constant rate of mass thought, the incompatibility of vibrational rate within the thought interaction is expressed within the individual reality as discernment.

Discernment involves the analytical beta mind and is heavily influenced through the individual belief system, which heavily influences the constant vibrational position of the lower energy body within the human spectrum. The lower self operating within a higher vibrational position than mass thought within the human spectrum, holds the ability of degrees of effectiveness within its application of discernment towards mass thought.

The ability to employ discernment towards an external influence expressed within a vibrational frequency, is through the individuals’ access to thought reference frames located in vibration, above or below the allowance of compatibility of the external influence. The experience is governed through the vibrational position, above or below the rate of the external influence, which generates the experience of the thought exchange from a positive experience or a negative experience.

The act of mentally locating a thought reference frame positioned in vibrational location above or below the vibrational frequency of the external influence, is through the awareness of contrast within the differential movements of intention, which attracts the vibrational position. The individual operating within thought reference frames below the position of the external influence, will hold the perspective within degrees of a contractive, restricted nature in contrast to the external influence. The individual operating within thought reference frames above the vibrational position of the external influence, will hold the perspective within degrees of an expansive approach or diminished restriction upon its perception.

Within the vibrational movements of thought interaction the influence of the external subject and the influence of the individual will fall into degrees of vibrational compatibility or agreement and degrees of vibrational incompatibility or disagreement. Within a thought interaction involving both subjects operating within a low vibrational position, espousing a dualistic perspective which expresses opposition, the vibrational compatibility of the thought interaction will comprise of a oppositional approach or severity of debate, to attempt the intention of influence from both subjects. Within the multitude of thought interactions, influences and possibilities of the lower conscious through the human vehicle, the lower conscious becomes lost in confusion or automatized, without its awareness of its innate ability to increase and hold a strengthened connection towards its higher self.

The ability of the lower self to increase the inflow and return flow of the circulation of the upper and lower energies, within the high vibrational energetic connection of the higher self, is in relation to its vibrational position within the higher self energy connection.

The higher the vibrational position of the lower energy body, within the higher self energy connection, the higher the sense of expansion within the individual perception. This is generated through the decrease of held energetic restrictive energy, restricting the flow of high vibrational energy into the lower energy body and is represented within the physical plane through the indivdual reality.

The higher self energy connection is the pathway to the Portal Of Heaven, within its high intelligence perception and understanding. The perception of heaven invokes an emotional response in the individual within degrees of intensity, through its thought reaction to the concept of heaven and its depth of impression within the individual belief system. This energetic process is initiated into impression through the entry of the thought/intention into the emotional energy body.

The concept of heaven and a location of a portal for entry into heaven, through the collective perception involve the senses of relief or transcendence from suffering, which is commonly expressed within the human condition. Within the believable reality of the automation of the experience of suffering and conflict within the human reality experience, heaven becomes a refuge or relocation of awareness, apart from the reality of conflict and suffering.

Within the believable reality of human suffering as a part of a reality experience, the individual expresses these thought/beliefs through its vibrational position within the human spectrum. The experience of suffering, conflict and similar themed beliefs within a human reality experience, are a part of the valuable lessons of separation within the human experience. The lessons of separation hold the potential for transcendence within vibrational ascension through the loss of desire for the experience.

The impressed belief of the capabilities of the lower self to remove itself from the negative experience and to remote influence a better reality experience into its awareness, is the activation of its innate creational power of creational intent. The ability of the lower self to remote influence a better reality experience, is through its de-activation of the dualistic or oppositional perspective and the de-activation of the expansion of the ego perception, as an attachment to the expansion of the individual sphere of awareness.

The ability of the lower self to attract into its reality experience positive themes, situations and individual and consensual groupings, in relation to is vibrational position, is within its higher self energy connection. Vibrational ascension within the higher self energy connection towards the higher self perspective, reveals the inversion of reality which is a necessity of the duality consciousness. The inversion of reality from the higher self perspective into the reality experience of the lower conscious, is required for the perception of a believable reality within the human experience.

The human experience which espouses the perspective of separation is through the concreteness of perception of the observable reality of the separated human. Within this perspective, internal and external thought reference frames, are viewed and integrated within the perception of separation.

The Portal Of Heaven within the held perspective of a believable reality, supported through the perception of separation, becomes an external destination beyond the internal perspective of the separated human.

High intelligence thought reference frames exposed to the individual awareness, operating within a constant low vibrational frequency pattern, appears distorted or illogical to the observer. The observer views its accepted reality within held low vibrational energy influencing its perception abilities. The individual perception is influenced through the subconscious negative energy pattern which restricts expansion by vibrational movement.

The observance of a high intelligence thought reference frame, becomes incompatible or non-believable to the lower vibrational perception. The higher vibrational thought/energy influence becomes distorted or unclear within the awareness of the individual.

The constant pursuit of the location of The Portal Of Heaven within the physical plane is driven by the subconscious desire of the lower self, for the reunification with its higher self. The operational awareness of the lower self through its human experience, moves within its conscious reality for attempts to resolve its sense of separation from its perception of heaven, which is expressed consciously from the subconscious desire.

The location of The Portal Of Heaven cannot be found initially within the physical plane, but can be expressed within the human condition as the perception of heaven on earth. The ability of the lower self, for entry into The Portal Of Heaven and to remote influence its human reality through the high vibrational seat of perspective into the opportunity for the access into The Portal Of Heaven, is of the highest order and importance of the higher self towards its lower self.

The entry into The Portal Of Heaven will be reflected within the awareness of the lower self through its emotional body resonating with high vibrational energy.

The elusive concept of heaven within the collective reality becomes clear through the high vibrational seat of perspective, as the realization of the mental state of heaven, as not a physical location but as an expression within the physical reality. The thought/focus of the individual within the vibration of heaven, becomes a physical location through the internal location of heaven projected into the individual reality sphere of awareness.

The ability to attract The Portal Of Heaven into the awareness of the lower conscious is through the powerful attraction properties, which is generated through the heart desire within the movement of the high vibrational heart intelligence.

The desire for unity with the higher self manifests within the conscious reality, as the desire for unification amongst all of creation, is the conscious expression of the subconscious desire. The lower self holds the ability to enter The Portal Of Heaven, within its personalized perception of its meaning of heaven, amongst a low vibrational mass thought perspective.

The association of heaven as a reality location identified by the observation of The Throne of God and entry into The Portal Of Heaven as an external requirement, becomes illogical within the higher perspective. The Throne Of God has been interpreted within the physical plane as a physical location, through the distorted perception projected onto the higher vibrational energy influence, of The Throne Chakra of the lower energy body.

The concept of heaven is valid within the individual perspective as it holds the ability of free thought to perceive heaven and its concept of a portal, for entry within a personalized frame work of thought influence and contemplation. The high intelligence message of, The Kingdom Of God Is Within You, is the message of the inner reality of the higher self which leads to The Portal Of Heaven.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual into vibrational ascension towards its higher self are highly effective for the inner location and entry into The Portal Of Heaven. Through successful location and entry into The Portal Of Heaven, the lower self holds the opportunity to experience heaven on earth and heaven within its ethereal travels.

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