Phentermine 30mg - We Teach You How to Get It Online

America has an underlying problem that is growing rapidly each and every day; that problem is obesity. Being overweight can lead to many health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Many people trying to lose weight have turned to diet pills like Adipex 37.5 mg dosage, combined with regular diet and exercise to help them lose weight. Sometimes people need that extra boost to help them get where they want to be. Poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to malnourishment and lethargic behavior. It is no surprise that a person may need extra help and a diet pill may be their answer. One popular diet pill is Phentermine 30mg.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine 30mg is an appetite suppressant that people use to treat obesity. The drug is a stimulant similar to amphetamine. It cannot be bought over the counter because it is an amphetamine class drug; the only way you can get it is if a doctor writes you a prescription. A doctor will prescribe this medication to promote weight loss. But it is only prescribed for short term usage. This medicine can be given out for 12 weeks. You can buy Phentermine online without prescription.

How it works

Basically the pill is a stimulant that will affect your central nervous system and curb your appetite. However It only works if the person taking the suppressant makes sure to receive the right calorie intake and proper exercise every single day. The pill will make it easier for you to eat in normal proportions because you will be less hungry. If you exercise on top of this, your results will be extraordinary. The person will lose the most amount of weight within the first few weeks. However it has been reported that weight loss will continue even after 6-9 months but at a slower rate.


The drug was first approved by the FDA back in 1959. Phentermine 30mg was marketed and sold as an appetite suppressing drug. It was sold with another drug that worked well together called fenfluramine, it acted as a fat burning agent. The combination of drugs was given the nick name "fen-phen" a play on the drugs' names Phentermine 30mg and Fenfluramine. In 1997 fenfluramine was taken off the market after several cases of heart valve failure. Phentermine 30mg was still sold by itself and still is today in the US and other countries. Since Phentermine 30mg is similar to amphetamine it has been classified as a controlled substance in the US and many countries. In 2010 a company Vivus invented a drug combination of Phentermine/Topiramate that worked well together; branded as Qnexa. The FDA originally denied the brand deeming it far too dangerous. However the combo drug was later approved by the FDA in 2012 after more data was presented to them that proved the drug was safe to take.

How it is made

Phentermine 30mg is synthesized from a variety of chemicals. The two main chemicals you need are benzaldehyde and 2-nitropropane. The two chemicals are cross reacted, then reduced with hydrogen gas, and chlorinated in thionyl chloride to produce the product known as Phentermine. It is a step by step process but with a little chemistry the drug is able to be mass produced and then prescribed by doctors. Common brands that Phentermine is sold under are Suprenza and Adipex-P.

How you should take it

Take the medicine as prescribed and follow the directions on the label. Do not take more or less than your prescribed dosage. This pill can be abused so make sure not to let anyone use your medication without a prescription and keep it stored away in a safe place. Most tablets can be taken orally with or without food depending on the brand. Just place the tablet onto your mouth and let it dissolve on your tongue, then swallow. Do not swallow the tablet whole or chew the tablet, let it dissolve a little first. Some brands require that you take the tablet with food so a good time to take it would be at breakfast right before you eat. You want to take the tablet early in the day to avoid sleep issues since Phentermine 30mg is a stimulant.

Conditions of medication

This medication should not be taken by any one:

  • who is pregnant and breast feeding, the drug is known for getting into breast milk after intake.
  • who has a history of alcohol and/or drug abuse, the drug is habit forming and could lead to an addiction if the person has a history of drug addiction.
  • who has a history of heart disease
  • who has severe high blood pressure that cannot be kept under control.
  • who has any sort of thyroid disorder

You should consult a doctor before taking this medication if any of these conditions apply to you. Not taking the proper precautions can lead to fatal health problems.

Some side effects include:

  • Irregular or rapid heart beat
  • Panic
  • Delirium
  • Psychosis
  • Heart failure

These side effects have been reported to rarely occur. However if they do occur you should report these symptoms to your doctor immediately before they get worse.

Phentermine 30mg

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